In-circuit test Fixture

Manuel test fixture...

Testelec Ingénierie desings and produces In-circuit test fixture for the main brands of testers (Teradyne, Keysight, Aeroflex, SPEA, TRI, etc...)

Using CAD data and following your recommendations, we create the customisation of the test fixture and integrate various types of sensor (Framescan, NanoVTEP, etc) as well as LED colour detections systems, sensors for the detection of Poka-Yoke (direction and foolproofing of connectors), marking systems (burners), barcode readers and pneumatic actuators (pushbuttons) .

These fixture can be produced as single or double face with a vacuum or mechanical double level system..

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Automatic test fixture for stand-alone tester

These fixture are integrated on KEYSIGHT, TERADYNE or AEROFLEX testers on automated production lines. A conveyor and its motor is integrated into the test fixture. They have the same functions as manuel fixtures (testing of both sides of the board, sensors, colour detectors, barcode reader,  ...).

These fixtures can be developed for In-circuit and functional tests.

In Line test fixture

We produce test fixtures for the In-line handlers, TERADYNE TSH, KEYSIGHT I3070 and IPTE ETH,  as well as manual presses for developing these fixtures on OFF-LINE testers.


We produce mechanical and electrical adapters making it possible to use your old fixtures to new testers.

Example :

  • R&S --> Teradyne TS124 tester.
  • Z18xx Fixture--> Teradyne Spectrum tester.
  • Z18xx Fixture--> Teradyne TS124 tester.
  • M42xx Fixture --> 58xx tester.
  • Spectrum Fixture --> Teradyne TSLH tester.
  • Spectrum Fixture --> Teradyne TS124 tester.