Exercise your rights

Exercise your rights

In accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), citizens residing in the European area have a right of access to their personal information.

On this page the users of the site can assert this right on the personal data which concern them, held by Testelec Ingenierie.

Claim your rights on your personal data

What is the procedure ?

1. In the field reserved for this purpose, you give us the e-mail address with which you registered in one of our forms, and select the actions you want to perform on your personal data.

2. You will receive a confirmation sent on the same mailbox giving you the instructions for further processing, including how to justify your identity.

3. After receiving your credentials, we process your request and inform you of the result by the same channel.


Exercise your rights

Form to assert your rights

"I certify that I am of age and give my consent to the processing and use of the information provided via this form, which I have read on this same page.I am also informed of the possibility and the means given to me to withdraw this consent at any time, or exercise my rights over my personal data. "


For any questions relating to the protection of personal data and the exercise of rights *

If you are a customer, prospect of Testelec Ingenierie or user of the website, you can also send us your request by post to:

Testelec Ingenierie
Johan Avenec
28 rue Blaise Pascal
35220 Chateaubourg

* Concerning the requests carried out by postal way, limitation, erasure, rectification or portability on personal data concerning you, thank you to accompany your request by a proof of your identity: ex. copy of the national identity card.



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