In-circuit and fonctional test fixures


We can manufacture in-circuit test fixures, based on the client's specifications, for most testing equipment brands (Teradyne, Agilent, Aéroflex, Rohde&Schwarz etc.), as well as functional testing tools that can handle both mass-produced and small series electronics.

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Consoles and racks

We can design and build testing consoles for design divisions and 19-inch racks that can be integrated into test bays or error correction stations.

Our package includes:

  • Blueprint folder;
  • Machining work;
  • Front and back face serigraphy;
  • Mechanical assembly;
  • Manufacturing of electronic boards (layout and fabrication);
  • Wiring.

Error correction and rack

Testelec Ingénierie designs and builds error correction stations and racks, based on the client's spécifications, in order to verify the temperature of electronic products. Tmpératures can range from -80°C to +200°C. We take the various parameters into account when choosing the plastic materials or ceramic circuits for the patform or the elecctronic test circuits

Integration of Test Benches

Testelec Ingénierie has the skills needed to handle the entire test bench production process, from the client's list of specifications to the integration of measuring devices, mechanical assembly, specific wiring for racks, layout of electronic cards and on-site installation.


We can supplement this service with the design and development of software, working closely with our partner ( SIREN).  

Special tools and machines

Using the client's list of specifications as a guide, we design and build fully automated testing machines for electronic and electrotechnical products.

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Electronic cards layout

The layout of our electronic cards is based on the client's diagrams, in order to make sure that they integrate well in the test interfaces.

Our cards can integrate various technologies (SMI), multi-layer, impedance-controlled, press-fit connectors, etc.