Manuel Test Interface

Testelec Ingénierie can design and manufacture in-circuit test fixure for the leading testing equipment brands (Teradyne, Agilent, Aéroflex, Rohde&Schwarz etc.)

The interfaces are built from Testelec Ingénierie manufacturing kits or from H+W and TTI TESTRON kits.

Based on the CAD data and the client's specifications, we customize the test interfaces, integrate the various types of probes (Framescan, Testjet, VTEP, etc), as well as LED color detection systems, Poka-Yoke detection sensors (connector coding and direction), marking systems (writers), barcode readers and pneumatic actuators (push-buttons).


These interfaces can be developed as a single or double sink with nails on both faces.


Automated Test Interface


The interfaces can be integrated into the production line testing instruments used for automated manufacturing by fitting the test interface on an actuated conveyer. The automated test interfaces have the same functions as the manual ones (testing both sides of electronic cards, color detection, barcode reading etc.). Such interfaces are generally used in industries that require mass-production (automotive). They can be developed for on-site and functional testing.





We produce mechanical and electric adapters for clients who want to use their old interfaces with new testing equipment.


  • R&S interface --> Teradyne TS124 testing system.
  • Z18xx interface --> Teradyne Spectrum testing system.
  • M42xx interface --> 58xx testing system.
  • R&S interface --> Spectrum testing system.





Railroad Test Bench

Baie Ferrovaire

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