Pressure Plate Test Interface

We offer test interfaces fitted with a mechanical system (pressure plate):

  • Simple face (top or bottom)
  • Double face (top and bottom)
  • Product edge connection

The simple and robust system is activated manually by the operator. At the same time, the mechanical principle is limited by the mechanical stress created by the number of test points (<500).



Semi-automated Test Interface

This type of device requires the operator to manually place the product on the interface, while the pneumatic systems connect the test chips to the connecters automatically.

The interface can connect automatically with floating beds of nails using Ethernet, Sudb, USB connectors and every type of coaxial connectors.

The can also be integrated with a control system based on optical sensors (LED, LCD etc.) operated using pushbuttons, including pressure and duration controls.


Faraday Cage Test Interface

We can build or customize an entire range of test interfaces fitted with Faraday cages.

  • Pressure plate test interface (Feinmetall).
  • Semi-automated drawer test interface.
  • Automated interface (with or without a movable case).

These interfaces allow for the measuring of radio frequency products for radiated or conducted noise. The attenuation rates range between -45dbm and -70dbm, depending on the model. The interfaces are equipped with absorbents, depending on the frequency range in use.


Manuel Test Interface

Testelec Ingénierie designs and builds test interfaces for products that need to be manually connected to the counterparts of the connectors or the bed of nails.

This type of device is used mostly by design teams for small series products or temperature tests.


Optical Control Station

We have developed an optical test bench for an electricity management product with the help of one of our partners. The test bench must verify the product's HCI systems (color display, command buttons and USB communication). The interface includes a Cognex camera and a pneumatic system that allows the automated activation of all the keyboard's pushbuttons.


Banc Vision energie



Dielectric Test Interface

We build dielectric test interfaces for high voltage tests (several KV).

You will find below two examples of test interfaces for medical and energy products.




Railroad Test Bench

Baie Ferrovaire

We have integrated an instrument enclosure in a test interface developed for the railroad industry in order...

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